Pædagogisk analyse i dagtilbud - resultater af følgeforskning.

Andresen, B.B.
Aalborg: University College Nordjylland.


This study is a survey of employees (early childhood educators, unqualified childcare assistants and managers) in Danish daycare centres (day nurseries and kindergartens). The purpose of the study is to elucidate employees' experiences with implementing "systemic pedagogical analysis based on the learning environment and pedagogical analysis" (the LP model).


The study shows that 95% of the facilitators in the study have used the LP model at least to some extent, and that 74% feel qualified to work with the LP model. In addition, 83% of the facilitators feel that they have improved professionally from the work in their LP group. In continuation of this, the study recommends to continue implementing the LP model in pedagogical daycare facilities, as the majority of the respondents have had a positive outcome from working with the model. However, work with the LP model in the institutions studied can be improved through ongoing dialogue between facilitators and employees about the key tasks of the employees. Moreover, it may be appropriate to adjust the composition of LP groups in order to use the LP model as intended.


A questionnaire was sent to 83 employees from Danish daycare centres and 11 Danish municipalities. The institutions selected work with "systemic pedagogical analysis based on the LP model" (learning environment and pedagogical analysis). Some institutions had worked with the LP model for less than one year, others had worked with the model for one-three years and others again had more than three years of experience with this model. The questionnaire was answered by 60 persons, corresponding to 72%. Five in six participants in the questionnaire survey stated that they are employed as qualified early childhood educators, the rest are unqualified childcare assistants (3%) or managers (13%). The majority of participants in the questionnaire survey have taken on a key role in connection with implementing "systemic pedagogical analysis". These participants are facilitators and therefore they function as chairpersons at regular meetings where the staff discuss and analyse pedagogical challenges which together they try to reduce or remove. Seven qualitative interviews were carried out in spring 2013 among the facilitators of the project and managers of the daycare centres.


Andresen, B.B. (2013). Pædagogisk analyse i dagtilbud - resultater af følgeforskning. Aalborg: University College Nordjylland.

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