Erkännandets dynamic- förskoleklasslärares tolkninger av ny läroplanstext

Ackesjö, H., Lago, L. & Persson, S.
Educare- Vetenskapliga Skrifter, (1):7-25.


In 2016, the first separate curriculum for Swedish pre-school classes was introduced (a transitional year between kindergarten and primary and secondary school). The study focuses on how pre-school teachers interpret the new curriculum in light of existing pedagogical practices in pre-school classes. The following research questions are asked: (1) How do teachers in pre-school classes relate to the new curriculum guidelines? (2) What change processes are initiated?


The results show that parallel recontextualisation processes are initiated when a new curriculum is met with teachers’ interpretations of their own tasks. Teachers interpret the new curriculum and relate to it as a whole. They see the curriculum as a societal trust in and recognition of the teaching they carry out. Although teachers express that the new curricula give them confidence, professional exclusivity and legitimacy, it is also interpreted as an acknowledgment and affirmation of things they want to change in the pedagogical practice.


The analysis is based on new institutional theory, professional theory and theory about the introduction of guidelines. These are used to understand how teachers in pre-school relate the new curriculum to existing practice. Data is collected from three different schools through conversations with teachers. School A was located in an intercultural urban environment, school B in an urban environment and school C in a rural area. The schools were located in three different municipalities. The article is based on an analysis of group conversations with teachers in all the participating schools, a total of 12 teachers. The conversations were conducted in two rounds, the first in the summer of 2016, in connection with the publication of the new curriculum. The second round of the conversation was conducted in the spring of 2017. 


Ackesjö, H., Lago, L. & Persson, S. (2018). “Erkännandets dynamic- förskoleklasslärares tolkninger av ny läroplanstext”. Educare- Vetenskapliga Skrifter, (1):7-25. 

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