Kommunal förvaltning som politisk aktör: Ett perspektiv på policy och förändring inom förskollärarprofessionen

Eriksson A., Svensson A.-K., Beach D.


The purpose of the article is to contribute more knowledge about the work that is taking place in the Swedish administrative service at the municipal level in the wake of the 2010 revision of the Education Act and the national curriculum. Focus is placed on how municipal education offices have interpreted and worked to implement the Education Act’s and the curriculum’s emphasis on the responsibility of pre-school teachers. More specifically, the article investigates the administrative service’s evaluations of pre-school teachers, and in certain cases the skills development requirements of chief municipal education officers and other pre-school staff, as well as what type of training has been carried out as a result of the revised Education Act and curriculum. 


The investigation shows that more emphasis is placed on skills development within quality assurance through pedagogical documentation, evaluation and course knowledge than on measures to support pre-school teachers regarding the responsibility they have for leading the pedagogical work.


Questionnaires were distributed to 59 municipalities in 13 counties. 48 out of 72 public servants answered the questionnaire. The public servants were either administrative managers or other public servants in charge of municipal pre-school services. 


Eriksson, A., Svensson, A.-K. & Beach, D. (2019). “Kommunal förvaltning som politisk aktör: Ett perspektiv på policy och förändring inom förskollärarprofessionen”. Pedagogisk forskning i Sverige, 24(2):5–28.  

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The Swedish Research Council, Sweden