Preschoolers’ use and exploration of concepts related to scientific phenomena in preschool.

Åkerblom, A., Thorshag, K.


The study explores how kindergarten children discover, learn and explore science and scientific concepts by solving problems and communicating with others. The researchers take a closer look at how children develop their own concepts while exploring and reflecting on their use of language. The research questions are: 1) How do young children come up with basic scientific concepts on their own? 2) How do young children develop basic scientific concepts? 3) How do young children explore basic scientific concepts? 4) How can conceptual development and scientific understanding be supported in kindergartens?


The results show that children's development regarding the understanding of scientific and technological concepts is creative and sensible. The kindergarten children form and share their own concepts, while at the same time using academic concepts for problem solving and communication.


The analysis is based on empirical material from three previous research projects conducted by the authors. The original data material consisted of both video recordings of technology activities and conversations with six-year-olds about physical phenomena and chemical concepts.


Åkerblom, A. & Thorshag, K. (2021). "Preschoolers’ use and exploration of concepts related to scientific phenomena in preschool". Journal of Childhood, Education & Society, 2(3):287-302.