”Språkstimulerende miljöer i förskolan: en utvärdering av Att läsa och berätta – gör förskolan rolig och lärorik”.

Svensson, A.K.
Borås: Högskolan i Borås.


The study reports results from the ”Att läsa och berätta – gör förskolan rolig och lärorik” (reading and telling stories - make preschool fun and educational) project which aimed to develop collaboration between daycare facilities and libraries and thereby increase child carers’ awareness of reading, children’s literature and language environments at daycare facilities.


The study shows that contact between the daycare centre and libraries increased, and contact between daycare centres and libraries was developed during the project. During the project, many daycare centres developed their language-stimulating environment. Librarians, child carers and school managers believed that there had been an increase in how often the libraries were visited by the daycare centres, and in how often reading aloud sessions took place at the daycare centres.


This project is a collaboration project between the county library in Jönköping in Sweden and daycare facilities and libraries in five municipalities within the county of Jönköping. In the introduction of the project, child carers from 66 participating daycare facilities were invited to an inspiration day, on which they were presented with ideas on how to work with reading, language environments and language games. Over the following 18 months, the county library held lectures and meetings to continue to inspire child carers to work with books and reading. At the end of the project, 116 children, 60 child carers, nine managers from daycare centres and five librarians were interviewed in order to evaluate the project.


Svensson, A.K. (2011). ”Språkstimulerende miljöer i förskolan: en utvärdering av Att läsa och berätta – gör förskolan rolig och lärorik”. Borås: Högskolan i Borås.

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