Tilbakemelding for læring på femårsklubb i barnehagen

Håberg, L. I. A., Gamlem, S. M
Tidsskriftet FoU i Praksis, 12(1):7-26.


The study analyses the characteristics of feedback given by staff to children who participate in a five-year-olds club (school starters) in two Norwegian kindergartens. The investigation focuses on the content of the feedback given by adults to children. The research question is: What characterises feedback given in a five-year-olds club?


The results show that the children receive a lot of different types of feedback. The feedback consists mostly of praise, and not so much information about the tasks the children receive and the work they do. The children receive praise that focuses on efforts and individuals, while little feedback is given on the academic work.


The study is based on a reanalysis of a doctoral thesis that deals with didactic work in kindergarten. The data material consists of interviews and observations of the staff in two Norwegian kindergartens. The seven informants are assistants and kindergarten teachers who are all involved in the management and organisation of the five-year-olds club. A total of 19 children attend the five-year-olds club in the two kindergartens. The data collection took place over six months and includes semi-structured interviews with the informants and non-participatory observation of the activities in the five-year-olds club. The interview data was used as a starting point to gain more knowledge about the informants’ thoughts on the purpose of the five-year-olds club, while the observation data provide a description of feedback practices.


Håberg, L. I. A. & Gamlem, S. M. (2018). «Tilbakemelding for læring på femårsklubb i barnehagen». Tidsskriftet FoU i Praksis, 12(1):7-26.