Hållpunkter för lärande.

Björklund, C.
Åbo: Åbro Akademis förlag.


This study focuses on children's encounter with mathematics at daycare centres in Finland. The study describes how young children's mathematical learning experiences are formed through experiences with mathematics in everyday activities at daycare centres and how they use their mathematical understanding to master their environment.


The study illustrates that young children experience and discuss various aspects of mathematical understanding such as dimensions and proportions, location, extent, number and sequence, and that they primarily do so by means of comparison.


The design of the study is ethnographic. A qualitative analysis is conducted on the basis of observations and video footage of 23 children aged 13 to 45 months. The work is based on the idea of the child as a competent party - as a subject.


Björklund, C. (2007). Hållpunkter för lärande. Åbo: Åbro Akademis förlag.

Financed by

The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Stiftelsen for Österbottens högskole