Når øyet styrer hånden: Om mestringsprosesser i barnehagen.

Frisch, N. S.
FORMakademisk 1 (1) S. 85-95.


This study examines the relations as regards the kindergarten staff’s role in children's
drawing processes where the visual perception has governed the form of the drawing (i.e. the child can control the drawing by using a model). The study asks the following questions:  How does the child carer organise the drawing processes to allow children aged three to five to use different aids when drawing a shape they see - and how do children in the same age group use these aids? Three representative drawing processes that were implemented during thematic work called "Myself" are analysed by means of theoretical analysis tools taken from sociocultural theory etc.


The study illustrates how direct visual perception can be organised in the drawing process and thus govern a child's drawing process as well as the form of the drawing. Furthermore, the study discusses various aspects of drawing and self-development. The results contribute to a didactic discussion on variation of the organisation of drawing processes in kindergarten. It is concluded that this type of focus on children’s drawing processes is necessary.


The study is a case study. Data are collected through observation, questionnaires and drawings made at a daycare centre.


Frisch, N. S. (2008). Når øyet styrer hånden: Om mestringsprosesser i barnehagen: FORMakademisk 1 (1) S. 85-95.

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