En likvärdig förskola för alla barn: innebörder och indikatorer.

Persson, S.
Stockholm: Vetenskapsrådet.


The purpose of this study is to collect knowledge on equivalence in preschools. The concept of equivalence is connected to the aim of promoting social equality. Additionally, the study seeks to develop indicators for equivalence based on the collected knowledge on children's prospects of achieving their potential despite their various backgrounds.


The study reveals that literature can be predominantly classified into either pedagogical relations or structural conditions. Structural conditions, which set a framework for pedagogical relations, can either support or prevent high quality pedagogical relations. In extension of this, the study delimits structural conditions into three categories: preschool staff education and competence, preschool staff working conditions, and finally, access to preschool. A matrix was designed for each category to serve as an indicator of equivalency at both national and municipal level as well as at preschool enrolment level for future measurements and surveys of equivalency in preschools. Additionally, the study concludes that pedagogical relations are critical for children’s' learning and development in the short and long term. Therefore, the quality of equivalence depends on whether preschool staff can see the child's potential and act so that children feel committed, capable and active in their learning. The relationship between staff and parents also plays an important role in this process. Finally, the study discusses that preschools have a greater chance of promoting social equality for all children in preschools if they are set out in a broader social and societal context.



The study is set up as a systematic review with a supplementary analysis of equivalence indicators, which can serve as the basis for future measurement and surveys of preschool equivalency. The review is based on specific searches in the ERIC, ERC and NB-ECEC databases and includes a total of 58 Scandinavian and international studies. The studies were subsequently categorised based on their field of study, and matrixes were designed to indicate equivalence.



Persson, S. (2015). En likvärdig förskola för alla barn: innebörder och indikatorer. Stockholm: Vetenskapsrådet.

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The Swedish Research Council