”Fotofloker: Vilkår for barns deltakelse når digitale bilder tas i bruk i barnehagen”.

Knudsen, I.M.
Ødegaard, E.E.
Nordisk Barnehageforskning, 4(2), 115-128.


The purpose of this study is to contribute with new insights into what practice comes and how it is established when digital photos are used at the daycare centre. Furthermore, the author aims to examine what conditions for the creation of participation can be identified and what critical questions relevant for the work at the daycare centre can be asked in relation to the use of digital media.


Results of the study show that the authors identify five aspects or didactic and ethical considerations which are relevant when using digital media at kindergartens. The aspects concern what is in focus when the photos are taken and that using digital media entails that less time is spent on other activities. The five aspects are: 1) choice of focus, 2) storage, 3) ambivalence in relation to time consumption, 4) use and communication and 5) political influence. Storage and use of photos are discussed, while the authors also see the potential in the fact that photos can be used for children to express themselves in the public space; however the study does not give a specific example of how this is done.


The authors spent 12 days at a daycare centre, and the children’s interactions were recorded on video. Data material is made up of the children’s and child carers’ video footage and photos take of the children and child carers, as well as the author’s log books with notes taken during the twelve days. The analysis process took place as a synthesis between an inductive analysis derived from the empirical material and a theoretically informed analysis, in which the material was analysed on the basis of theories on democracy at daycare facilities.


Knudsen, I.M. & Ødegaard, E.E. (2011). ”Fotofloker: Vilkår for barns deltakelse når digitale bilder tas i bruk i barnehagen”. Nordisk Barnehageforskning, 4(2), 115-128.

Financed by

The Research Council of Norway