Socialt udsatte børn i dagtilbud.

Jespersen, C.; Socialforskningsinstituttet
København: Socialforskningsinstituttet.


The objective of the study is to disseminate knowledge on how interventions for socially vulnerable children in daycare centres have been organised and the effect of interventions in Denmark and the US respectively.  In general the study focuses on the possibilities of daycare centres to contribute with special interventions for children from socially disadvantaged homes.  The study reviews investigations of special interventions for socially vulnerable children in Denmark, abroad and especially in the US. On the basis of the knowledge gathered, the report lists a number of possible focus areas to develop more targeted Danish interventions in the area.


There is potential in Danish daycare centres to provide support for vulnerable children and in this way combat social inequality, stigmatisation and marginalisation. The lack of research into the impacts of interventions, and the lack of knowledge about what actually works, means, however, that the use of social interventions is neither adequately systematic nor adequately documented.  The review of foreign studies, primarily American, illustrates the diversity of opportunities to establish a Danish research tradition with greater focus on impact measurement.


The report is a document study, and data collection comprising systematic literature searches for quantitative surveys in Danish and international databases.


Jespersen, C.; Socialforskningsinstituttet (2006). Socialt udsatte børn i dagtilbud. København: Socialforskningsinstituttet.

Financed by

The Danish Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs (closed in 2007)