Barns och lärares aktiviteter med datorplattor och appar i förskolan

Nilsen M.
Göteborgs universitet


The purpose is to investigate how kindergarten children and teachers interact with tablets and apps, and to contribute to a critical discussion about the role of digital technologies in kindergartens. The study will investigate and discuss the role and function of digital technologies in the kindergarten context. The study is based on the following research questions: (1) What types of activities are developed when kindergarten children and their teachers use computer platforms and apps in kindergarten? (2) How are computer platforms and apps used, and what does kindergarten children and teacher participation look like in activities involving computer platforms and apps? (3) What type of educational and societal implications does the use of computer platforms and apps in kindergartens have?


The findings show that the tablets and apps are used in different ways and for different purposes depending on the children’s opportunities to influence the activities. In the kindergarten activities studied, children and teachers show different motivations for using the technology. They therefore have different perspectives on the activity, which leads to difficulties in establishing intersubjectivity. The author claims that the teacher plays a key role here in building scaffolding and guiding the interaction in these activities. The results also show that teachers use apps as a substitute for non-digital objects and as an incentive for the children to participate in learning activities. The author believes that the findings contribute to a critical discussion about what happens when tablets and apps are used in activities.


The study consists of 4 sub-studies. Video observations have been the primary data collection method in all of the sub-studies. In sub-studies 1-3, interviews and informal conversations with kindergarten teachers have also been used, in addition to field notes. Sub-study 4 is a design experiment study and the empirical material only consists of video observations. In total, observations have been made of 42 children and 6 kindergarten teachers. The data material has also laid the foundation for an analysis based on interaction analysis using a sociocultural approach.


Nilsen M. (2018). "Barns och lärares aktiviteter med datorplattor och appar i förskolan". Akademisk avhandling. Göteborgs universitet.