Aktionslæring i dagtilbud: Udvikling af pædagogers professionsviden, identitet og autonomi.

Pedersen, T.
Koefoed-Nordentoft, N. og Olsson
øbenhavn: Professionshøjskolen UCC.


The purpose of this study is to examine how action learning can help child carers verbalise their skills and knowledge. Additionally, the study focuses on how staff at daycare centres can share their knowledge and skills with parents and management.


The project shows that the participating child carers were able to create a common understanding of what their professionalism entails. Pedagogues observed one another and reinforced their practices by verbalising these. The child carers achieved common ambitions and a sense of pride in their profession by developing common awareness of the basic qualifications. The common ambition arose through reflective conversations among child carers and through decisions they took together on the basis of pedagogical considerations. The study also showed that, by working with action learning, the child carers developed a culture where working closer to each other's practices and giving each other professional feedback is legitimate and a culture in which they have the courage to so. The study concludes that action learning has helped to create a culture based on confidence and with an opportunity to develop practices based on reflection and mutual professional dialogue.


Project Action Learning at daycare centres was completed at 31 daycare centres in five municipalities in the Greater Copenhagen area. institutions decided on the number of people from the staff group to be included in the project. The child carers who participated were obliged to take on a very active role as co-researching child carers and systematically examine their pedagogical practices within the framework of the project.


Pedersen, T., Koefoed-Nordentoft, N. og Olsson, J. (2010). Aktionslæring i dagtilbud: Udvikling af pædagogers professionsviden, identitet og autonomi. København: Professionshøjskolen UCC.

Financed by

Danish National Federation of Early Childhood Teachers and Youth Educators (BUPL)