Pædagogik og etnicitet – dialogisk pædagogik i et multikulturelt samfund.

Tireli, Ü.
København: Akademisk Forlag.


The objective of this study is to examine how ethnicity and minorities are expressed in educational and political plans at national and municipal levels in a daycare centre and at a teacher training college. The study is an adaptation of the PhD dissertation “A critical review of the minority pedagogical field and a contribution to the development of a dialogical pedagogics in the field” by the same author.


Results and conclusions from the analysis focus on different levels: national level, municipal level and institution level.  Analysis of the specific ways in which ethnic minority families and children are represented in the documents and programmes within the pedagogical field show how discrimination and ethnic or cultural racism is specifically expressed and reproduced in everyday discourse. Furthermore it is assessed that child carers are generally eager to try different approaches when working with ethnic minority children and their families, and finally the study discusses possibilities for establishing a more fair, democratic and non-discriminatory pedagogical practice based on a dialogical approach.


The data basis is divided into three parts: policy documents from the past 10-12 years about mother-tongue teaching; language stimulation, primary and lower secondary schools and bilingual children; documents from a teacher training college and observations and interviews from a daycare centre.  The data were analysed using discourse analysis.


Tireli, Ü. (2006). Pædagogik og etnicitet – dialogisk pædagogik i et multikulturelt samfund. København: Akademisk Forlag.

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