Det var en gang et sykehus: Eller kommer det an på størrelsen? Evaluering av oppstarten av barnehagen Sophies Hage.

Gulbrandsen, Å.; Moser
T.; Pettersvold, M; Vintervold, A. L.
Tønsberg: Høgskolen i Vestfold.


The objective of this evaluation project is to provide city council personnel and parents with a status report on the start-up phase of the Sophies Hage kindergarten for more than 400 children. The overall questions in the evaluation are: 1) How does the start-up phase proceed for such an unusually large kindergarten with regard to the personnel, parents and children. 2) How well do children (and parents) adjust to such a large kindergarten. Is it appropriate? 3) Is it possible to identify pedagogical consequences of the size and design of the space? 4) Can specific links be found between the start-up process and the size and design of the physical space? 5) What is the significance of the size of the personnel group and the fact that the personnel and institution as a whole are new/have no common tradition with regard to routine pedagogical work? 6) To what degree have the personnel been able to take advantage of the opportunities in the space? 7) To what degree has the kindergarten been able to take advantage of the fact that there is a large number of kindergarten personnel with different knowledge and skills?


The evaluation shows a mainly successful start-up at Sophies Hage kindergarten. In general it is established that the physical size of the institution had neither significantly positive nor significantly negative effects. The possibilities in the space were only partly exploited in pedagogical work, however. Both the personnel and parents said that the start-up was satisfactory. The majority of parents are satisfied with work at the kindergarten with regard to their children’s wellbeing, cooperation with the personnel, care from the personnel, and work efforts. In general it can be concluded that the skills and work by the personnel have been the decisive success factor for the start-up at Sophies Hage. However, the report also points out that, with its special physical environment and size, Sophies Hage opens up for a number of pedagogical possibilities which were not being exploited to the full.


The evaluation project was completed in the period October 2005 - April 2006. The data basis is log books, letters, documentation forms for interviews with parents, individual registration forms, and questionnaires completed by parents.  Moreover observations were carried out (one full observation day at each of the six departments) and a focus group interview with personnel at the six departments.


Gulbrandsen, Å.; Moser, T.; Pettersvold, M.; Vintervold, A. L. (2006). Det var en gang et sykehus: Eller kommer det an på størrelsen? Evaluering av oppstarten av barnehagen Sophies Hage. Tønsberg: Høgskolen i Vestfold.

Financed by

City of Oslo City Council, department for children and education