Science in early childhood education.

Broström, S.
Journal of Education and Human Development 4(2), 107-124.


The study explores the conditions and possibilities for creating a preschool science Didaktik. The objective is to set up didactic criteria and examine the preschool teachers’ roles in activities, by maintaining a balance between social pedagogy and a critical democratic Didaktik, and by avoiding schoolification of the science Didaktik.


The study identifies five pedagogical principles which are considered fundamental for a preschool science Didaktik: (1) including the child’s perspective, wondering, inquisitiveness and experience, (2) treating children as participants, i.e. giving children the right to participate in their own learning, (3) focusing on children learning in interaction with preschool teachers, (4) that preschool teachers have knowledge about science, and that they use this knowledge as well as their scientific competences. These personal competences should be coupled to the children’s perspective. As a final principle, (5), children learn through their everyday life, and therefore the objects, meetings and functions they come across in their daily lives should be planned and integrated into a science Didaktik. Furthermore, the study concludes that there is a need for more theoretical studies, more practical experience, and not least clearer and more sustainable policies in the area of pedagogy for young children.


The study is based on an action research project at 12 preschools. Over a two-year period, the researchers worked with preschool teachers in so-called ‘laboratories’ in which ideas for activities were developed and subsequently tested in practical settings in preschools. In parallel with this, the researchers observed the children’s interaction with preschool teachers during projects and activities. The observations were transcribed, and subsequently presented to and discussed with the preschool teachers with a view to further developing ideas and practices. The researchers performed the final analysis in which didactic categories and principles were derived.


Broström, S. (2015). Science in early childhood education. Journal of Education and Human Development 4(2), 107-124.

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