Kindergarten teachers’ account of their developing mathematical practice.

Erfjord, I.
Hundeland, P.S.
Carlsen, M.
ZDM Mathematics Education 44, 653-664.


The study is part of a larger research project that covers kindergarten teachers and teachers at all levels of education, from daycare to upper secondary school. In this specific project, the purpose is to collaborate with kindergarten teachers and support them with regard to their efforts to improve their practices, as well as provide them with an opportunity to develop their mathematical and teaching skills. Furthermore, the study aims to examine how kindergarten teachers take the mathematical practice of the daycare into consideration, and to examine whether the teachers believe questions are an important part of math activities.


The study has two main results. First of all, the study shows that the teachers regard it as being very positive that they have become more aware of the math skills and math practices used in the kindergarten. Furthermore, the study also shows that the kindergarten teachers use many questions to steer their math activities in a certain direction. And finally, through participation in the project, the teachers have learnt how to teach the children mathematics using explicit and concrete teaching methods. Compared with previous practices, the teachers express that they have changed their view of mathematical practices in kindergarten; now they are both more positive and aware about including mathematical activities in everyday activities.


The data material consists of three semi-structured focus group interviews with a total of 11 early childhood educators, video footage and sound recordings of both children and adults as well as field notes.


Erfjord, I., Hundeland, P.S. & Carlsen, M. (2012). Kindergarten teachers’ account of their developing mathematical practice. ZDM Mathematics Education 44, 653-664.

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