Små barns medvirkning i samlingsstunder.

Eide, B.J.
Os, E.
Samuelsson, I.P.
Nordisk Barnehageforskning 5(4), 1-21.


The purpose of the study is to examine children’s participation and involvement in decision-making processes during circle-time gatherings in eight Norwegian daycare facilities.


The study shows that the children are not included in decision making during circle time. Children are both seen and heard during circle time. Educators listen to what each child has to say when it is their turn, and they choose practices that allow for the children to be seen and heard. During circle time gatherings, the children’s perspectives are also included in the sense that the adults select content and methods to match the children’s needs. However, the children are not given a say in matters concerning the individual child, the group as a whole and their daily activities in the daycare facility. The children’s perspectives are only taken into consideration when they match the original plans of the educators. The study calls for modernising the circle time gathering so as to allow it to encourage children’s participation in decision-making processes.


The study is based on eight groups of toddlers from different daycare facilities in Norway. Each group consists of between nine and 12 children. Data includes video footage of eight circle-time gatherings, lasting between five and 39 minutes. The study’s theoretical framework is based on Shier’s model for participation and involvement in decision-making. In the collection and analysis of data, data was organised in five categories and then processed. The first category relates to whether and how the child is heard during circle time. The second category relates to whether the child is assisted in expressing his or her opinions. The third category relates whether consideration is given to the child’s perspectives. The fourth category relates to whether the child participates in decision-making processes. Finally, the fifth category relates to whether the child is given any power and responsibility for decisions.


Eide, B.J., Os, E. & Samuelsson, I.P. (2012). Små barns medvirkning i samlingsstunder. Nordisk Barnehageforskning 5(4), 1-21.

Financed by

The Research Council of Norway and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences