A review of research of the Reggio Inspired approach: An integrative re-framing.

Emerson, A. M., Linder, S. M.


The study is a systematic knowledge overview of Reggio-inspired empirical research. The research question is: What type of study patterns are represented within current research on Reggio-inspired approaches in early childhood education?


The review of the included literature revealed a lack of research supporting the effectiveness of Reggio-inspired practice, where it has been implemented. The researchers propose a framework that provides both a structure for future research and a tool for developing literature rooted in the Reggio Emilia approach, which allows it to be transferred to other contexts.


The research team conducted a systematic literature search in the spring of 2017, where the search had six criteria. Included articles must: (a) be published after 1985, (b) be published in a peer-reviewed journal, (c) be based on empirical research, (d) deal with young children or kindergarten teachers who cared for young children (from newborn to eight years old), (e) be written in English, and (f) be about research conducted outside Reggio Emilia, Italy. After this process, the final sample consisted of 51 scientific articles.


Emerson, A. M., & Linder, S. M. (2021). “A review of research of the Reggio Inspired approach: An integrative re-framing”. Early Years, 41(4):428-442.