Preeschool teachers’ use of ICTs: Towards a typology of practice.

Masoumi, D.
Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 16(1), 5-17.


This study aims to identify the ways in which information and communication technologies (ICT) are used and integrated in preschools. Focus is primarily on technological artefacts.


The study points to five different ways in which preschool teachers use or view information and communication technologies: (1) ICT is used to enrich and transform existing curricula and practices, (2) ICT is used to enhance children’s language skills and narrow the language gap between children with an immigrant background and non-immigrant children, (3) ICT is used to keep children occupied, (4) ICT is used to communicate and document preschool practices and everyday activities, and (5) ICT is not important in preschool educational practices.


The study was based on 15 visits to three preschools in Sweden over a period of three weeks. Each visit lasted 4-8 hours. The preschools involved ranged in their educational orientation, size and availability of resources. The data consisted of participant observation of 4-5-year-olds, photographs and six unstructured interviews with preschool teachers. Data was analysed focusing on ways of acting in terms of (a) preschool teachers’ actions; (b) key interventions in using technology; and (c) technology-enhancing pedagogical practices. Data was analysed a second time and coded with a view to generating categories, themes and patterns. Finally, the data was divided into five thematic categories.


Masoumi, D. (2015). Preschool teachers’ use of ICTs: Towards a typology of practice. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood 16(1), 5-17.

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